Saturday, January 02, 2010

what a merry christmas

i'm a little behind on my blogging {and backwards, too!} but i hope you all had a very merry christmas! we sure did. christmas eve we spent with my family and it was a party! we made delicious home-made noodles with chicken and mashed potatoes. while we were waiting for dinner to cook we had a graham cracker house building extravaganza. danny made his dream home--a trailer! he even made a little swamp with melted jolly ranchers. what a creative husband i have. danny and mike also had a few intense rounds of the wii, while max and i hung out. after we stuffed ourselves and got sooooo full we watched "christopher mouse"--the film strip that my gramps salvaged from the garbage many years ago. and then we sang christmas carols around the christmas tree. what a great night.

{tons of noodles, huh???}

{intense wii baseball game}

{ohh i love him}


the next morning, danny, max, and i woke up and had a nice, relaxing, quite christmas at our own house. max ate...and then fell asleep not long after that. we opened our stockings while he slept, and then max joined us...but he was very uninterested. i have a feeling next christmas will be verrry different!

around noon we headed back to my parents for a delicious christmas brunch.

then we drove up to layton for the weekend to spend with danny's entire family. it was a blast! we ate yummy pork taco's, opened more gifts, and played tons of games. ticket to ride, guesstures, and our new favorite: monopoly deal. if you haven't played it before--go buy it today! it's monopoly in card form and it is so much fun. people get a little feisty while playing, but it is soo worth it!

{max got a gigantic mr. potato head with FOUR mr. potato heads inside...awesome}

the next morning we attended the blessing of little reed gregory--our newest nephew on the mckinley side. what a neat experience. he and max are just six weeks apart. how awesome is that?!

we played more games, and that night danny and i watched the blind side. highly recommended. i didn't realize it was a true story until the very end...but wow. we loved it.

we came home sunday evening after a weekend of fun. we are so blessed and are so grateful to have such wonderful family so close.

we hope you all had a wonderful christmas!!

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  1. So cute! Glad you had a fun Christmas! Cute pics for sure. You look so gorgeous girl! Love you