Friday, January 08, 2010


friday's are good days around here. especially THIS friday. i survived my first week back at brigham young university. i wasn't quite sure if i was going to make it, but thanks to my understanding husband, and my sweet baby, i did it.

i'm taking eleven credits this semester {feels like eleven million...} but i actually think i am going to enjoy every single one of my classes this semester.

i'm taking: work and relationships in the home
basic entrepreneurship skills
teachings of the living prophets
women entrepreneurs
intermediate graphic design
{we are learning all about photoshop, illustrator, and indesign}

if i survive this semester i will just have two left to complete! {fourteen credits total} yayyyy.

p.s. have a fantastic weekend!
p.p.s. isn't he getting sooo big???


  1. you can do it!!!! i have faith in you (in us) :)

    and yes, that cute little boy is getting so big!

  2. You+me= getting it done this semester. WE CAN DO IT. Seriously.

    Lets seriously talk this weekend. I want to know all about Max. His likes, his dislikes. Brinley is seriously almost rolling over. She isn't as cool as Max with his rolling over skills, but she doesn't really enjoy tummy time. We are wimps and won't let her stay on her tummy too long cause she yells at us. But she is almost there on rolling over. I can feel it.

    Alright, I'll call you soon. love you!

  3. That's so awesome you're back in school. The semester just started for me and I have absolutely ZERO motivation. I've got a million things running through my little brain and have decided that school isn't as high on my priority list as it should be. Oh well, you've got a baby, so if you can do it I can do it! :) But anyways....I'll call soon. We're over due for a chat.