Thursday, August 07, 2014


We were riding home from school lunch & Max was on the scooter that he borrowed from aunt Cami. Of course, we misplaced his he wasn't wearing it. And just as he was transitioning from the pavement to the gravel, his scooter wheel caught a rock & launched him right into the gravel.

He had an instant goose-egg, seemed somewhat disoriented (he kept saying, "What happened??") & I was a wreck. I thought he might have gravel underneath the skin, so I called our family pediatrician (Danny's sister) and got her advice. I kept a close eye on him, we iced it & I tried my best to clean it with soap & water. When Danny got home he was able to get out two teeny tiny pebbles that were stuck in some skin with tweezers...and then he was all set! 

Now he just looks real tough with his scars!

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  1. Oh, poor Max! I hate when these things happen. :-(