Wednesday, September 22, 2010


who knew that living in a small town could be so awesome?!?

last friday was homecoming and they went allllll out with the celebrations. after school, they had a parade complete with ghetto floats + tons of candy. {they even threw out otter pops!!} i've missed getting candy at parades, but apparently here it isn't a danger threat! we met up with the other seminary families and enjoyed all five minutes of was great.

then, that night we attended the big football game. woo to the hoo. we had a good time...and our cute little football team even won!
{i probably shouldn't call them cute, because during half-time i kind of got ran into by one...}
max loved all the attention from the little girls sitting next to us, and he even seemed pretty interested in the game! we left before it was over {the game was still going on at 9:30!!} but it was still a fun night out on the town.

{half of the fans went out on the field to welcome the team back for the second half. i had never seen anything like it so i had to snap some pics...that's when i got plowed into by some dude...not cool.}

p.s. do you guys know that maxamillion turns ONE in four days??!?!?!

i'm feeling old!


  1. haha, gotta love little towns!! and i personally can't believe that max will be 1 soon, except for the fact that asher is less then a month away also!! we are old though!!