Thursday, November 17, 2011

"flesh" lake

our halloween was amazing this year!!  
and we didn't even go trick-or-treating.  
{more on that later...}

our friends, sam + penny invited us up to their amazing cabin at fish lake {a.k.a. flesh lake} with some of our close friends.  we arrived friday night and had a weekend full of FUN.  seriously, i wish we could have stayed longer.  we stayed up until 2+ a.m., ate delicious food...and lots and lots of treats, played tons of games.  

i LOVE getting together with this crowd because they are some game loving people!
 we played ticket to ride, speed scrabble, quiddler, pit, and had michael jackson dance competitions {which i was horrible at but it was entertaining to watch penny, danny, sarah and dave!}  

we ate yummy caramel apples, watched the village {danny and i had never seen it before...not sure how we felt about it.  not the scariest movie in the world!} 
and had a wonderful time with our fabulous friends.  

they even let us bring max + avery and they didn't send us home when max threw up all over the kitchen floor!!! we love them for that :)  everyone was such a good sport and cheered max up when he wasn't feeling his greatest.  max and danny were still feeling sick on halloween, so we didn't make it out but we got a total of about TEN trick-or-treaters.  we're big time, huh??

thanks, sam + penny for the much needed getaway!  we love you guys!
oh, and thanks to caleb + lauren for the group shot and the single pic of max :)