Saturday, August 22, 2009

{home sweet home}

we're BACK from ten amazing days in the beautiful garden island of kaua'i.
{we actually got home wednesday morning...but it's been a crazy few days}.

we had a B.L.A.S.T. {i don't know how you couldn't}. soon to come...


  1. Hey welcome home from bliss! :) We're not completely done with the nursery don't worry! I haven't found bedding yet -my mother in law is making it all -including the bumper pads etc but I still have to pick out fabric! Yikes! That may be even harder haha. She said though that you can get brand new standard sized crib matresses at DI... they have a company that makes them and sells them through DI (they're not used) for really cheap so I think thats what we'll do. I'm not sure if they have them down here in provo but I know they've got them at the bountiful location. What is your exact due date again? The 23rd? And have you had any showers yet or do you know of any high school friend showers at all? I'd love to come -or I'd love to throw you one if no one else is. Let me know!

  2. oh heeeeey! Don't even ask me how I found you guys, but I did. also, isn't kauaii just the most beautiful place in the world?? Jessie, when are you due?