Saturday, April 17, 2010


so we have known about this so-called "day in april" for about two years now, wondering what that day would bring us. it was the day that my seminary trainers would call with either good news or bad news. they called. they didn't have news. they wanted to meet with us. isn't that a bad sign? they would probably show up with tissues for us! so we met them by the football stadium... odd, yeah we already know. you gotta know that my two trainers are the two greatest people EVER and whatever the news was we would still admire them and be grateful for their help. we were hoping for a yes but were confident that God is in charge and would take care of things, even if the answer was no.

long story short: they hugged us both, we cried, and then walked home.

clarification: they hugged us in celebration, we cried b/c we were SO happy, and we walked home in total gratitude floating on air. they said YES!

thank you all for the support and love and prayers. we don't know where we will be teaching in the fall, we will keep you posted.

we cannot express our gratitude and love for our Father in heaven and His wonderful plan. He is indeed in charge.



    I'm SO HAPPY for you guys! Danny, you DA MAN!!

  2. congratulations, you guys! i've been thinking about you all week!

  3. THAT IS SOOO AWESOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you guys!! :)

  4. You guys deserve this ... Danny you are going to be one awesome seminary teacher!

  5. Yeah! We are so excited for u guys! What a wonderful life u have ahead of u!

  6. YAY!! welcome! we have been checking your blog every few hours since Friday hoping and not daring to call and ask! Now how do we get you as neighbors?? Seriously though you will love it-- it is the best job in the world! As you get going if you have any questions don't hesistate to call. CONGRATS!!!!