Tuesday, December 21, 2010

little polar bear

it is quite magical watching max discover things for the first time.

and today, when max looked out the window and saw two+ feet of snow, his eyes lit up.

i'm not a big fan of snow {i don't ski or snowboard, i really don't like being cold, and i hate driving in it...} but i do love it right before christmas. and i haven't seen this much snow in a LONG time so i admit it was a pretty fun treat for me this morning as well.

so, being the awesome mother that i am {haha}, i bundled him up and decided that we would venture out in the winter wonderland. i couldn't get max ready fast enough! the second i asked him if he wanted to go outside he was right at the door pounding it with his little fists. his winter parka is an early christmas present from us...he makes an adorable little russian baby :)

{this is what i meant by not being able to get him ready fast enough...he was not a happy camper when i had to put my own boots on.}

as soon as we stepped out the door, he was ready to play. he fell face first into the snow a few times {and got really mad} but would quickly try again to plow through the snow. i attempted to shovel while we were out but no-one ever told me how heavy snow can get! i was worried that i would hurt the baby + my back {nice excuse, huh?} so i only got the steps and about two feet out the walk. oh well, every little bit helps! danny got to come home early...yay for snow days! so he got to join in on the fun as well. our little adventure didn't last too long. max's gloves kept coming off and his poor nose was running like crazy but he was pretty mad when we finally brought him inside. danny is thinking about building an igloo for him tomorrow...we'll see how that goes.


  1. oh, I like your photos so much! :) :)
    I was writing my blog when I've found your website... And I like it! :)

    Merry Chritsmas from Spain!

  2. Yeah,it's probably pretty tough when the snow is as deep as your chest!! And that was SUPER wet and heavy snow...I shoveled a bit, but I was afraid I'd hurt my back, so I quit, too! TOTALLY legit.

    YAY for Christmas snow!!

  3. Have I mentioned that your little boy kills me? Well he does and I can't wait to see you guys tonight!!!

  4. Can you believe this snow?? I am amazed. It seems like Utah hasn't had this much snow before Christmas in forever. Love it though!!

    Darling boy! And I am so excited for your new baby girl. Loving the updates.

  5. SO cute!! Where did you get his coat? I have been searching for a good warm coat for Carson! What a cutie he is! It really is like Christmas every day when they discover something new! I'm loving this new little curious phase. Hope you're doing well down south! :)