Wednesday, June 08, 2011


it's officially summertime and we couldn't be happier! danny is done teaching students, {he still works everyday, but it's super laid back and flexible.} the days are growing warmer and longer, and we just discovered that the elementary school down the street offers FREE lunch every day for the kids!! score. i took the kids yesterday and it was a hit with max. he loved watching all the kids running around everywhere, and he looked so big sitting at a cafeteria table eating his school lunch. my baby is growing up way too fast!!!

i've been trying to come up with ways to spend our time + have fun as a family. max has an extreme fascination with birds. he spots them everywhere. in the morning while eating breakfast, on walks, in the car, through his bedroom window...just to name a few. he sticks his little pointer finger out and says "birrr birrr." he doesn't stop saying bird until you see the bird too. sometimes it takes me a few seconds before i see it, but when i say, "yes! that's a bird!" he gets a great look of satisfaction on his face, along with a huge smile.

so, the other day we decided to make some pinecone bird feeders to attract the birds of nephi to our home. it hasn't quite caught on with the birds...apparently they prefer worms to peanut butter coated bird seed...but max had a blast getting the pinecones from the park, covering them in peanut butter, licking peanut butter off his hands, and rolling them in bird seed:

we've also gone to the park a few times, and one of danny's students brought over some baby bunnies!

also, the last month of school, danny was asked to put together a little intramural soccer team and coach the kids that wanted to participate. nephi isn't exactly what you would call a soccer promoting city...they are just about the opposite...but danny had a great time with the handful of kids that came to kick around the ball. max got to go help out and he had a grand time. he is a soccer star in the making :)


  1. That bird thing makes me laugh because Brinley is the same way....but with BUGS! Even in the house, she spots the SMALLEST little bugs. Like....TIIIIIIINY. If there is one in her toy bucket by the window she will yell BUGGGGG until I see it. Even outside she just YELLS at the poor ants that are walking about.

    Our kiddies are SO funny! I wonder what they would do if they played together! They would be best buds.

    That is awesome about the lunch thing at the elementary school! I need to do more for her when I have free days from nannying. Always feel inadequate to be a mama sometimes!

  2. school lunch, brings back so many childhood memories!!! haha one of the best part of small town summers I tell ya that : ) I'm so glad the sun is coming out as well! can't wait to see you guys this week!

  3. Jessie, you are such a good Mommy!!