Monday, January 09, 2012

let there be light!

since the ceiling was covered in wallpaper, the ceiling fan had to come down.
while we were taking it off, we discovered that it was very unstable...and when the chain was pulled a little electricity was emitted :)  not good.  we put up a "temporary" light fixture (a single light bulb).  however, it became quite permanent!  it only took us a year to find something to replace it with but in this case, the waiting paid off!



a chandelier from urban new favorite store.
it adds some femininity to my kitchen, which is how it should be, right??
(i guess the pink knobs add as well :)

and since i'm sure you are dying to see the new kitchen faucet...

smaller, sleek, easier to use.
a much better fit.  would you agree?

tomorrow's post: getting a new dishwasher + fridge!!!
(merry christmas to us!)


  1. new faucet = perfect. new light fixture = Jessie.

  2. beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful chandelier!!! It is perfect!

    Love these fun updates!! I think you need to do a home tour vid :-)

  3. i love the chandelier!!! i'm impressed your husband let you put it in there, i don't think mine would, but it's totally awesome!!!