Friday, January 06, 2012

you'll never know until you try...

no offense to the faucet, but i knew it wasn't the right fit from the moment i saw it.  
once we had a glistening, beautiful backsplash, i really knew it wasn't right.  
so, we went on the search for the perfect one.

we found what we thought was the perfect it all installed and everything (thanks babe!) but then i realized that wasn't the right one either.  (i promise i'm not this picky about everything ha!)  we lived with it for a while.  it was definitely fun + funky, and i loved the coils wrapped around, but it just wasn't right.  maybe it was a little too tall for the space?  a little too metal-y?  a little too forceful (the water did come shooting out...the handle was hard to ease on)?  whatever it was, i'm glad we ended up picking a different one.  

and aren't you dying to know which faucet we did choose?
well, that my friends, is for another day.

however, behold the cabinets!!!

i wanted to add some interest to our cupboard doors,
so we popped out the middle and switched it out for white beadboard.
sounds simple, right??

it was not an easy felt like it took forever.
but i am more than pleased with the finished product.

we also rubbed all the layers of paint off of the hinges (with nasty paint stripper!) and discovered they were beautiful without paint.  i love them this way.

we painted the bottom drawers white to match the top and now it recedes back into the wall instead of being rightupinyourface.  so so much better.



with the bottom cabinets painted, i also discovered that i like the look of my countertop!  before it was pretty blah because everything was the same--the backsplash, (if you can even call it that!) cabinets, and countertop.  now the countertop stands out just enough against the white and looks much better.

the finished touch on this project was the big, pink flower knobs from anthro.
they were a little pricey, but don't you think it adds the perfect touch?!

we love.
especially me :)

next installment: the final faucet choice + a new ceiling light!


  1. I love ANYTHING anthro...but I especially LOVE the home section and the knobs. I am waiting so patiently for a hutch or something so I can get some knobs. Someday....someday.... :-) These pictures are great!!

  2. i love anthro's knobs!! they're fabulous. and when i have an awesome kitchen, i will have awesome knobs for it, instead of just on zak's crib. =) good job though, i'm impressed with how much work you guys have put into that place!

  3. Lookin good! I love white cabinets...we have them too! I responded to your question in my blog comments, but I don't know if you'll see it there...I'd love to talk me or something sometime. :)

  4. No WONDER you've been too tired to Zumba...haha. You guys are amazing! You make me tired just reading about it. I need to borrow some of your motivation! Looks so so so great!