Sunday, January 29, 2012

max's many mannerisms (say that three times fast!)

it's impossible to describe how much we love this little guy.

he is full of energy.
he is so sweet.
he is silly.
he is getting better and better at communicating.
he loves his baby sister with all his heart.
he is such a boy.
he loves his fruits + veggies (such a good eater!)
he still calls milk "nope" and it's the cutest thing ever.
he can throw some nasty tantrums.
he loves to be outside.
he is so curious.
he loves stories.
he could play with trucks all day long.
he's got quite the soccer kick (daddy's proud)
he loves to help out around the house.
he loves to play with daddy.

+ this is a common occurrence in our household.  
danny taking max for a ride, max giggling his little heart out:

+ last thursday, max and i had craft time while avery was taking her nap.  it was so much fun!! i need to do this more often.  i was surprised at how long max sat still coloring, cutting, and taping.  he is such a cutie.  we made martha stewart's, wax paper crayon hearts...and while they didn't turn out as beautiful as hers, they are still pretty darn cute and max loves them.  every morning he can't wait to open the curtains to see his hearts hanging in the window:

+ he's got some crazy dance moves!  
not sure where he learned them... (ahemm...danny...)

+ he won't go anywhere without his "blue hat" and even insists on wearing it before getting dressed in the morning:

+ he loves his choo choo train!! my parents gave him this little track for christmas and he has such a fun time putting the tracks together in different arrangements.  on this particular morning, i was in the kitchen cleaning up when he ran in excitedly and pulled me into the dining room.  he had done this all by himself!  i told him i wanted to get a picture and he posed right away :)  he then went on to make two more different tracks, and each time he posed a different way, without me saying anything.  it was hilarious.

+ his vocab really is improving so much.  some of his most commonly repeated phrases include:

"self!!" (he has become quite the independent two year old)
"white shoes on" (he wears those white shoes everywhere!  except to church, and then he cries...)
"choo choo train"
"too tight" (he complains of his diaper being too tight...silly boy)
"kurt's house" (he loves our neighbors!)
"blue hat"
"where daddy/mama/ave go?"
"what's daddy/mama/ave doing?"
"nigh nigh moon" (he just said this tonight as we were walking home from kurt's house.  he looked up in the sky, saw the moon, and said, "nigh nigh moon, mama!"  my heart melted.)

and this video captures some more of his favorite words on camera.  
danny promised his classes he would bring in a video of max praying...and here it is!  
he gets distracted a few times, but he did a great job:

we love you maxwell scott.
don't ever forget that.


  1. Holy cow! He's a kid! Why has it been so long since I've seen you guys? We REALLY need to plan something. I'll be contacting you soon! :)

  2. Cute max!!! He IS such a boy. Holy cow how did our kids grow up so fast???!!!???

  3. Too cute! These little boys are growing too fast! I feel like Carson is exploding with new phrases and "abilities" lately! And don't worry, he too complains that his diaper (and car seat) are "too tight!" lol!

  4. aww, he's such a little man now!! i love it! =) zak loves choo choo trains too, but he doesn't have a cool track like that! and his hat is hilarious. zak is the same way with clothes! i'm so glad he's not the only one who only will wear one specific pair of shoes =)