Tuesday, January 31, 2012

savory + sweet

the other day i was reading the newspaper and delicious looking pictures of crepes caught my eyes.
if you know me, you know that i love crepes.  not only do i love them, but many fond memories were made during our weekly crepe parties at jenny's house during high school.  we would invite over a bunch of friends and eat until we couldn't fit in one more bite.  those were the days :)

anyways, those pictures happened to be showcasing a new eatery in town--savory and sweet.
(and when i say "in town", unfortunately i mean orem not the small town in which we live!)

the reviews were great so we decided to try it out...and we loved it.  the food was great (especially the dessert crepe!) and the service was excellent.  we had a lovely time:


we couldn't feed ave fast enough.  she wanted to crawl onto the table...

...and into this:


  1. I just saw this post -- it's funny because I did a review on them this week for Daily Herald and went to try them out last night! I got the thai one and clay got the buffalo one -- yummy! Ellie loved the car her dinner came in so much that she drove it off the table and sauce spilled EVERYwhere. Oh well. :) Now we will have to try the dessert crepes (and the creme brulee since it is one of my favorite desserts!)

  2. Wait where is this? My sister used to work at a creperie but it no longer exists. And way to go on the fort, we planned to do that for FHE one night and flaked out haha. I am inspired now!