Wednesday, May 14, 2014

spring break: danny's birthday

we decided to check out the new aquarium (with the rest of the state of utah!) for danny's birthday & though it was incredibly crowded, we all had a blast! danny's parents joined us and the kids loved seeing sharks, sea horses, and penguins all in real life!

Max saw the penny machine & once we explained what it did, he HAD to have one. They both decided on their favorites & loved turning that crank. True to their personalities, Avery lost hers by the time we got to the car, and Max still has his, carefully placed in his art kit. :)

On the way back to Layton we stopped at City Creek to get lunch/dinner (we were starving!!) and enjoy the beautiful day. Graham was a trooper (as usual).

And to end the night, we celebrated Avery's upcoming birthday with a special "Frozen" cake. She still doesn't quite get the concept of blowing out the candles, but she felt so special that Grandma Debbie had picked it out just for her.

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