Monday, September 24, 2012

fall festivities

who knew i loved fall so much?? i'm usually wishing for sunny summer days all year long but the last few weeks i've been longing for everything that comes with fall.  we had a weekend full of fall-esque activities to get us even more pumped up.

after an entire saturday morning/afternoon spent demolishing our basement (video + pictures to come!) we decided to head up to spanish fork for some free entertainment.  the piano guys performed at the city park and even though we didn't have the best seats (they were actually pretty horrible!) the kids had a nice chunk of grass to run around on while we dined on two jacks pizza.  pretty romantic if you ask me :)  i'm thinking that max + ave should never consume root beer and/or pink lemonade ever again because they were craaaazy (ask anyone within a 50 ft. radius!) but i suppose it made for some good laughs.

yesterday, before attending the brigham city temple dedication we drove up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful leaves.  i still can't believe how red some leaves get!  it is amazing.

the kids had fun gathering up leaves + running down the hill...until avery took a huge tumble and bruised up the entire left side of her face :(  overall, it was a successful sunday outing and we feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

i'd say we welcomed fall with open arms this weekend.  did you celebrate the beginning of the season??  who attended the temple dedication??  wasn't it wonderful?  how grateful we are for temples that dot the earth!


  1. What beautiful fall photos! And poor little Avery. I bet it won't slow her down much, though!!

  2. wow! You got some GREAT photos this weekend! The canyon really is breathtaking this time of year. It makes me crave a run! Loved the temple dedication. It was great to be able to take Daisy along with us. My kids love watching for the cranes working on the Payson temple every time we drive by.