Monday, October 01, 2012

i've got a three year old!

max turned THREE last wednesday and it seems we've been celebrating non-stop since then!  who wants to celebrate for only one day anyways?? :)  on wednesday (his actual birthday) we had his little playgroup over (it was my week to host) for a curious george party.  we played memory, colored pictures, ate banana cupcakes, and sang to mr. max.  he was a little hesitant to have all that attention on him + blow out the candle, but later, when he was supposed to be napping, i could hear him singing "happy birthday to you!" over and over again.  what a sweetheart.

later that day we had "the provo girls" down for another little get-together + low key party.  though i didn't take any pictures (how did i let that slip by me???) it's always so good to see all those girls and their cute kiddo's.  it was naptime for the little ones but somehow we managed to escape almost all meltdowns :)

danny and i have started getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise + study before the kids wake up.  it has been kicking my butt!!!! so when avery woke up a little before max i took the chance to snuggle up with her and take a little rest before the birthday festivities continued :)

since we knew we'd be celebrating later with family, we took the rest of the day pretty easy.  we had max's favorite meal: oh boy casserole and green salad with catalina.  we took one of the neighbor girl's friends home, so on our way back we stopped at a fun little park in mona.  the kids had a blast and then we topped the night off with ice cream from reed's.  when we pulled into our driveway, we saw that across the street was a helicopter!! we had actually seen it driving home and thought someone was hurt.  apparently they were doing training with the emt's so we went over and max got to climb on in, which he thought was the coolest thing ever.  after baths, we were able to watch it take off, while sitting on our porch!  it was the perfect ending to our sweet little boy's third birthday!

thursday night we drove up to provo to celebrate with my family...while danny was at school :(  besides the major tantrum max had when we first arrived, we had a great time and enjoyed playing, eating a delicious dinner, and yummy chocolate pudding + whipped cream for dessert!  max got an awesome car transporter from grandma + papa...which he plays with all the time!

friday, once danny got done with school, we loaded up the car and headed to salt lake for our final birthday party!  most of danny's family was able to come to tim + kristina's house for a yummy bbq + cake.  we had a great time!  thanks to everyone for coming and making max feel so special!  grandma debbie made max the most awesome curious george blanket (he's slept with it ever since!) and tim + fin gave max a sweet wooden car, which he can take apart + put back together!  he is one spoiled kid.  i am most proud of the cake that i pulled off for the birthday boy!!  it turned out just as pinterest said it would...and it tasted delish! :)

and saturday, we hung out in layton for a while before heading home so i could attend the relief society general broadcast (which was wonderful!!!)  max + avery love their papa and couldn't get enough of the playground!  also, cutest moment of the day: sneaking in on max + reed reading stories to each other on grandma + papa's bed.  

i'd say we had a full birthday week!!  max, we love you!!  here's to another wonderful year :)


  1. I am dying at that birthday cake! So fun!

  2. Jessie that birthday cake turned out soo cute!! You are such a cute mama!

  3. I can't believe he's three. That went by fast!!!

    Happy Birthday, little Max!

  4. I love that cake! I am impressed that you guys are getting up so early . . . I wish I could pull that off!!