Thursday, October 04, 2012

i never want to forget.

as mentioned in my last post, our little bear turned THREE last week.  (it's still blowing my mind that i've been a mother for three whole years!!)  this stage of life, as crazy as it is at times, is so wonderful.  max is turning into quite the little boy and there are many things i want to always remember.  knowing me, and my horrible memory, i probably won't...which is just another reason for me to record some of the things max does that i never want to forget.

//he loves his sister.  i'll catch him saying, "come play ave!" or "for cute!" or "does that sound good?"
//he always needs his "hurts" kissed better
//he uses his pink or green scissors to open up everything! 
(they've only gotten him in trouble once or twice!)
//he loves curious george, shaun the sheep, and "jesus videos" (the new bible video's on  his favorites are the baptism of christ, and the resurrection.  he'll ask almost once a day, "can i watch for five minutes??"
//he has an obsession with shoes
//he can count to ten but almost always skips 3
//he can kick a ball like nobody's business :)
//he loves catalina and is great about eating his salad as long as he can dip it in dressing
//he is good about taking his chewable fluoride and is usually the one to remind us he needs it
//he's getting to the point where he wants to wear the same outfit (usually his soccer outfits) over and over again...
//he almost always requests "i am a child of god" for our bedtime song
//he knows how to throw a terrible tantrum (he may or may not have bit me in the grocery store last week!!!)
//he takes naps about 75% of the time, and when he does nap, i usually find him like this with books piled high:

//he loves to display his artwork on the fridge and has to make sure at least a part of each picture is visible
//he finally does well in nursery (after a crazy summer!)  avery will be joining him in two weeks!!
//he still loves craft time + coloring + cutting paper
//he still calls milk "nope"
//he loves stories and looks forward to checking out a new stack of books at the library each week (his latest favorite is shark vs. train, which is a very cute book.  i'll randomly catch him saying, "i'm gonna chew-chew you up!" :)
//he loves both of his grandpa's and calls them "pampa"
//he asks about all of his aunts + uncles frequently and will usually want to call at least one of them
//he is daddy's best little helper (we got him a pair of work gloves for his birthday so he can help with all of the big projects we've got going on.  he loves them!)

//he is great at folding small towels & his pajama shirts
//he has a hard time with the letter "s"--most words beginning with s he pronounces f.  my personal favorite: he calls smarties "farties" :)
//sometimes before naps he'll say, "should we talk a walk around the block??"  he loves being outside and looks forward to our (almost) daily walks
//he loves his playgroup!  the other day, at natasha's house, a few of the other kids siblings joined.  natasha was introducing them and saying she was excited about the visitors.  she told me that max looked sad, shook his head, and said, "but not ave..."  cutest thing ever!
//he loves going to the park, especially now that ave can tag along behind him
//he is very aware of what we are saying.  just the other day, when we were driving up to salt lake, he randomly said "should we fill up the car with gas?  i think it's empty!" 
//he loves our neighbor's little kittens and always wants to stop and say hi
//he can spot an airplane anywhere in the sky
//he is obsessed with gum and will find it anywhere!
//he shuts the door to our basement before naps so "the bad guys don't come in"
//he cuts up his go-gurt in little tiny pieces as he's eating it (not sure where he learned that one from!  hopefully we can break that habit before kindergarten :)

//he can pedal his three wheeler like a pro now
//he loves his black SF hat we got for him and wears it everyday
//he still wears a pull-up at night + for naps but he does really well during the day
//he loves cucumber from the garden (and dipping them in catalina) and will always ask if it's going to be "bitty" (bitter)
//he gives the best hugs with "pats and rubs"
//he always wants to push the buttons on the "macrowave" all by himself
//we've gotten in the habit of saying "goodnight you two!" as we leave their room at night.  he's started calling back, "goodnight you two!"
//he doesn't like the dark anymore and always wants the door open a little "tack-ed" (crack)
//whenever he wakes up, we ask him what he dreamt about.  he almost always says "jesus!" and then he'll list off the rest of the family "and mommy, and ave, and daddy, and max!"
//he knows the first three articles of faith:

life would be so incredibly dull without our maxwell scott.  we love you little guy and hope you never forget it.  xoxo.


  1. Max is growing up all of a sudden. Love the funny things he says and his "baseball" hat (in case you didn't know...)

  2. zak loves shark vs train! boys are so fun! i can't believe he's three now. what a little cutie!! =)

  3. So cute! Love the video at the end! They are getting so big, it is amazing how fast they grow isn't it? Great post, I need to do this for Lucy soon too!!

  4. Loved that post! Aaron and I laughed out loud many times while reading, and we liked the video at the end too! very impressive :)

  5. Hi Jessie! Garret gave me your blog. Hopefully that is ok! I have loved staying up on what you guys are doing.