Monday, September 09, 2013

good things to come, part two!

I just finished our fifth blog book (yay!!) and it's always such a relief to get it done. One thing I love about doing our books though (besides getting them backed up) is reviewing the past year and reminiscing. 

We've had a big year and in so many ways, I'm happy that it's in the past. However, as hard as miscarriage was, and dealing with an auto-immune disease is, I have learned an incredible amount and feel stronger because of these experiences.

One of the posts I read over again while working on my book was this one: good things to come. Oh, I remember those days! It's humbling to read over my thoughts and live through them again.

But one year (and lots of hard days) later, I can honestly say that good things HAVE come!! 
(just as Elder Holland promised!) 

Baby #3 is due March 13, 2014 and we could not be more excited!!! 
(Crazy how the Lord's timing works. This baby is due almost exactly one year later!)


This is how we announced the wonderful news to Danny's parents via Skype. Danny's dad just finished up his second round of chemo (cancer is the worst!!!) and we thought this might lift his spirits :) I think it did the trick. (That, and Danny's little brother & his wife are expecting just a few weeks after us!! They announced their news just minutes after ours!)

Because I'm due just days apart from my due date last year, it has been incredibly stressful & I've been quite a wreck. We saw the baby, and heard the heartbeat (such a beautiful sound!!!) at almost 9 weeks, but I was still worried. Last week, I had my 13 week check-up and all is well

Overall, I have felt incredibly good health-wise. I've only thrown up twice and as long as I eat constantly throughout the day (which is harder than it seems!) I don't get too tired. I'm definitely counting my blessings :)

I'm 13.5 weeks along now and it's finally starting to sink in. 

We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

// Danny had to document my first time throwing up!! We had been praying for this day :) //


  1. Jessie, I am SO excited for your family! The Lord is incredible. Miracles DO happen! I hope you'll continue to be so healthy during the pregnancy!

  2. This post made me so happy. Congrats on your new addition. Hope all goes well this go round!! Sending love and prayers your direction!

  3. Yay! Been thinking about you over the last few weeks, knowing you'd be on an emotional roller coaster . . . . So glad the little one is healthy!

  4. So so wonderful!!!!!! 3 kids!!!! So excited for you!

  5. I am SO HAPPY for you. And your announcement is super cute!!!

    Hope you feel perfectly fantastic very soon.


  6. Yay for being pregnant! Yay for throwing up! Yay for a cousin the same age! Yay for this family that I love so much!