Monday, October 14, 2013

green thumbs.

it has been well over a month since i've last blogged! whew. it was a good break, but i'm ready to be back and i have a whole slew of posts coming your way.

since summer has officially come to a close, i'm feeling a little nostalgic...and want to go back already! fall is great, but my goodness it has gotten cold fast!!! our house has zero insulation and it is freezing. all. the. time.

anyways, we love growing a garden and this year did not disappoint!! we feel blessed to have so much space to plant in and installing a watering system in the back made things 100x easier. we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, peas, green beans (which did not survive...), pumpkins (they died too!), zucchini (which we have vowed to NOT plant next year!!!), butternut squash, watermelon, cantaloupe...and i think that covers it!

so long sweet summer. and all of the delicious foods that go along with it!

// cutting our first watermelon off the vine!! it weighed over 20 pounds!! //

// our tomatoes got slightly out of control... //

// our watermelon patch //

// cantaloupe & additional tomato patch //

// our first butternut squash!! so beautiful. it went from this... //

// this, after leaving it in the oven while running errands :( //

// the fruits of our labors! so many tomatoes!! //

since my mom is awesome, she agreed to help me make tomato juice. i have such fond memories growing up & canning with my mom and grandma. so happy to pass on the tradition to my little duo!

max got a little crazy from all that canning...but he found a way to put the canning tools to good use :)

we also made 60 pints of salsa (yumm!!!) with the help of so many wonderful neighbors & their gardens as well as danny's parents! i didn't take any pictures that two day process (salsa takes a very, very long time!!), but i think it's safe to say that we had a successful season.


  1. Wow! 60!!! I made 13 the other day and that was a feat! haha! You're garden looks beautiful! i cannot wait until we have one of our own!

  2. One day I will be as cool as you and get a garden going!

    I have been way behind on blogging too, so much to catch up never ends! But I did finish my 2012 blog book, so that is an accomplishment.

    We need to hang out soon, are we seeing you guys on Saturday? We should plan a day hang out too.