Tuesday, October 15, 2013

getaway in manti

i told you yesterday that i had a "whole slew of posts coming your way." i wasn't kidding.
this is the beginning of many, many more to come. (oh, and don't mind how far back these posts go!! i'm trying to catch up... also, try not to let the graininess/blurriness distract you. i realize that our ipod takes horrible pictures! one day, we will have smart phones :)

back in august we had our couples convention in manti, utah with all of the other seminary teachers & their wives in our area. it was a blast! we were able to attend some awesome meetings and spend time with amazing people. thursday night we had some free time so danny and i went to the manti temple with a group from our area. it was wonderful!!!

afterwards, we were craving something sweet, so naturally we stopped at polly's brainfreeze...where our relationship began :)

yay for little getaways & delicious banana splits! 

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