Thursday, April 19, 2012

a night away.

i honestly can't remember the last time that danny + i got away for a night to ourselves.  so this last week, during danny's spring break, we were determined to put a stop to that trend.

we booked a hotel in downtown salt lake (the city creek marriott to be exact!) and had the most lovely, relaxing, wonderful overnight stay!!  we must do these little trips more often :)

danny's parent's so graciously offered to watch the kids for us so on monday morning we left our little town and made the drive up north.  we got there around noon and said goodbye to our sweet kids about 2 p.m.  for the following 24 hours we were together--just the two of us!--and it was the weirdest thing ever :)  

we checked into our hotel, admired the view from the 11th floor (yes, we live in a small town! hah!) and got prepped for a few hours of shopping at the brand new city creek mall!! i was more than thrilled.  we were able to spend as much time as we pleased in each of the stores and i had my very first experience at H&M.  it did not disappoint!  we spent half of our disney gift card and splurged on a rocky mountain chocolate factory carmeled apple.  yummmm.  we had such a lovely time.  city creek is absolutely gorgeous and everything about it is awesome.  if you haven't checked it out for yourself--go soon!  since we were there on a monday it was hardly crowded at all and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

after shopping for a few hours, our feet were sore and our bags were heavy so we walked back to our hotel (which was literally right next door!) and rested up for an evening out on the town :)  we went to blue lemon again (we went there when we were in salt lake for conference) but i just can't get enough.  i ordered the special for the day: grilled trout on edamame + peas with squash and i couldn't have been happier with the dish.  plus, they have the best ice in the world so i was one happy camper!  (i told you i'm addicted to ice!)  we strolled around a little more--enjoying the water/fire show--before retiring for the night.  once back at the hotel we each ran 1.5 miles on the treadmills (side by side!  when is the last time that happened?!?) while watching one of our favorite shows, psych.  and then we cooled off by swimming in the pool + hot tub.  it was the perfect end to the perfect day.

the next morning, danny's birthday!, we slept in (!!!) and hurried off to the salt lake temple.  we haven't done a session there since right after we got married so we were glad to be back.  it is such a beautiful temple, inside and out.  the grounds are absolutely breathtaking this time of year and it is just a great place to be.  we enjoyed a nice lunch with danny's mom + kristina + tim (even though the kids were out of control!! welcome back :) 

and then we headed to provo to celebrate danny's birthday with my family.  we had a yummy dinner with brownie's for dessert.  what a wonderful day!!  happy birthday babe.  i hope it was a good one :)  i know i had fun!  thanks for being such a wonderful husband, father, friend, seminary teacher, etc... i know so SO many people love you!!  


  1. JEALOUSSSSS! So jealous. We haven't had an overnight alone since before we had brin. We are planning/hoping for one this summer before I give that really going to happen??? Lol I'm still in denial :-)

    Love your pixie cut. Do you have to get it trimed often? Love you both!!!!!!

  2. That sounds SO SO nice!! I'm glad you guys got to get away for a little bit!

  3. I am CONVINCED that these kind of getaways are ESSENTIAL to maintaining a marriage. There are always excuses (money, babysitters, time, work, etc.) but it is a definite must. So glad you got to do it. And City Creek looks fab!