Monday, January 16, 2012

my little sister's wedding!!!

it happened.  
my little sister got hitched.
to the man of her dreams.
miracles never cease to exist!!

(outside of sammy's, where they first met)

(above pictures taken by tony's talented aunt! + below pictures taken by the lovely bekah!  i didn't have my camera during the ENTIRE wedding day.  what terribly, horrible timing!)

december 30th was an absolutely wonderful day.

the wedding was at 1:20 p.m. in the salt lake temple which was perfect for those of us with small children.  the kids slept a little in the car + we met up with danny's parents so they could watch max and avery during the sealing.  we took a few pictures outside (they will be posted as soon as i get them!) and then it was back to provo for the luncheon + reception.

the luncheon was very low-key but the food tasted great and right after we were off to work getting all the last minute details finished before the guests started to arrive.  alli + tony chose to have their reception in one of the oldest chapels in provo.  it was perfect for their vintage wedding! i'll have to track down some pictures of the gym because it turned out so well...but once again, i don't have them.  boo for not having a camera.

they wanted hot cocoa + donuts, so that is what we had!  with lots and lots of mix-ins.  yumm.  
we even had live music (thanks to my very talented little bro + sis!!)

the dessert tables!

bri + cami

alli, tony + my cute nieces

kendra (the lady who introduced alli + tony!) + sadie (my beautiful cousin)

avery slept during almost the entire reception!  it was yet another miracle.

mr. & mrs. anthony grae pawlak!!!!!

the parents.

one of the highlights of the reception (for me at least) was taking pictures of all of the guests with an awesome instax camera.  it was a hit!!  again, i don't have pictures of how we displayed all the little polaroids, but believe me, it was great.

and then, we sent them off with sparklers.
and just like that, my little sister became a wife.

we got to see the newly-weds the next day (new years eve!) to open gifts and say our good-bye's before they moved to sunny arizona.  it was hard saying goodbye.  we already miss them both like crazy.  (especially max!  last time we were at my parents he wandered through the house saying "alli!  tony!"  it about broke my heart.)  

but this is all for the best!  right alli? :)


  1. YES! Thank you for this! I'm sooooo sad I missed it. Seriously, SO sad. You George girls are beautiful. I love it!

    Now, you just have to get her on the blogging trend. ;)

  2. CUUTE! Tell her congrats from me, please! Ali is a beautiful bride, and they look so cute together! I love the pics outside Sammy's!