Tuesday, March 20, 2012


do you understand now why i couldn't put all of my houston pictures in one post??
we just had wayy too much fun and took hundreds of pictures :)

our last full day in houston jenny had to go into work (being the grown-up lady that she is...) so brittany and i planned on driving to galveston to hit up the beach.  we got ready, packed lunches, and headed out to the car to discover that the stars were not going to align for us.  we couldn't get the car to start!  we tried many different things, talked to jenny and kyle (who both felt so bad) and ultimately decided that something bad would have happened if we would have gone.

even though it would have been awesome to hang out at the beach, we didn't mind one bit.  we laid out at the pool for a few hours, eating our packed lunches, reading, and splashing our feet in the freezing cold water.  it was heavenly.  (i think the last time i laid out at a pool was during my honeymoon!)

once jenny and kyle got home from work we got ready for our last night out on the town!!!  we planned on hitting up beaver's (legit texas bbq) but once we got there, they were closed!  (apparently, people in houston close up on monday's instead of sunday's...)  so we drove around for a while and decided to branch out and eat vietnamese food!  there were mixed reviews about the food but we had fun playing with our chopsticks, dousing our food in spicy sauce (jenny), and worrying about having cilantro stuck in our teeth :)

since dinner wasn't a complete success, we decided that to complete the night we would need some serious dessert.  so we set out for pie in the sky.  since we were having such a lucky day, pie in the sky was closed too!!! boo for being closed on monday's.  kyle rode the horn all the way down the street and we tried really hard not to cry.  luckily, instead of pie we got delicious cupcakes from crave cupcakes (we made it just at closing so we bought the 4 different flavors of cupcakes they had left) and then bought tons of blue bell ice cream.  we rented dolphin tale from redbox (most fun i've had at redbox in a long time ha!), but of course, it was super cheesy and we ended up making fun of most of it.  but hey, what else would you expect??  the day just wasn't in our favor.  

the next morning, brittany and i packed up and headed to the houston rodeo one last time.  we bought a bunch of souvenirs and then on our way out we got some goode co. bbq sandwiches for our trip to the airport.  jenny picked us up, and all of a sudden, we were on our way back to utah.

the flight was loooong but as soon as we landed, danny's parents were there to pick me up with my sweet, sweet kids.  (oh i missed them SO much!)  i sat in the back in between their two car seats and i just couldn't stop smiling.  danny met up with us a little while later, which was also an awesome reunion :)  i love my family so much.

the next day i gave them their gifts and i'm pretty sure the smiles on their faces made my heart melt a little bit: 

 jenny, thanks so much for organizing this whole trip and for being the most amazing hostess ever!! i had such a lovely time.  kyle, thanks for putting up with us three.  you were a huge sport!  and brittany, thanks for being the best travel buddy + friend!

can't wait for #bestiestrip2013!!! :)


  1. Jessie, I LOVE your hair. Every time I see it makes me want to chop mine off again (I'm in the process of growing it and it is painful). The short cut is perfect on you....so cute and stylish :). You guys have such a darling family! Love seeing your happenings. Congrats to Danny for getting into his master's program.

  2. When was the last time I laid out by the pool? Um, I can't remember...which clearly means it has been WAAAAAY too long! And I didn't know if you forgot to give me my Lonestar Sheriff's Badge souvenir, but I just wanted to send over a little friendly reminder in case it slipped your mind. So glad you had so much fun.

  3. What a sweet post. I cried a little bit when it was time for you to go home. I'm so SO glad you got to go. And I'm SO SO glad you blogged about it so we could all enjoy it, too!!