Monday, November 05, 2012

a toy story halloween.

i'm a little behind in the obligatory halloween post, but here it is!!  a few months ago, max got an idea planted in his head that he would not let go of: "i am going to be buzzlightyear (said really fast) for halloween!!!"

lucky for him, we found buzz on sale + we had some disney money so buzz lightyear was free!  that's always a definite bonus.  avery's costume (little bo peep!) cost a little more + was a labor of love from me (i managed to somehow make her costume!  that was a miracle!) but ohmygoodness she was darling.  

they had many opportunities to get decked out in their halloween attire.  tuesday was storytime at the library & later that day we trick-or-treated with the town!  it was a lot of walking for max who refused to get in a stroller, but we survived!

and wednesday was playgroup where max got to go for a ride in the wagon with all of his little buddies :)

that night, after our traditional halloween soup, we headed out to our ward's trunk-or-treat.  the kids scored big time and avery caught on much too quickly!  in a dream world, i would have had enough time to get together mine + danny's costumes (woody and jessie) but the fact that avery actually had a dress to wear (that fit her!!) was good enough for me.  i went as a cat...there must be a cat somewhere in toy story...right?? and danny went potato head?  ha.  my mom sent us those cute mustaches (which we had a little too much fun with, as you will see below!)  all in all, it was a wonderful halloween night.  oh, and did i mention how beautiful the weather was for us??  the kids didn't need jackets until the sun went down.  amazing!


  1. The mustaches!!!!!!!! You guys are so cute!!!

  2. I think I say this on every blog you post...but you are the cutest mom ever!! Avery's costume is to die for, I can't believe you made that! I hope I am that talented one day!

  3. love buzz, love bo. your kids are too cute. and my kids are wondering if they can get some mustaches for Christmas!

  4. Jessie! Bo peeps costume is adorable!! What a cutie. And so is Buzz. :) I love your cute little family.

    PS. the headbands you bought for Avery from me...did I give you the wrong size?? I hope not!! I hope they finally fit!

  5. I never did get a text from you . . . did I give you the wrong number?! (435.862.5993)

    I am bummed, because of course this week I do have something planned! ugh! I am taking pictures up in Bountiful so I am dropping the kids at Zach's grandmas for the evening. Let's plan on next week for sure though! Does that work? And maybe we plan to just come here to make it less stressful and not chasing kids around? I am getting a little better at adventures with 2 kids, but only a little ;) I am up for whatever though!

  6. Ave's costume is ADORABLE. You did SUCH a good job!! And the mustache pix are awesome. I love you guys!!

  7. Such a cute post! (the moustaches look great on you all :) Love, Mama G.