Tuesday, December 11, 2012

day of thanks

what?? it's december eleventh and i still haven't written about our thanksgiving? where in the world has the time gone? wherever it went, we had a wonderful holiday with danny's family (though i've only got two pictures to prove it!) don't avery & julia make the cutest little indians?

and since it would be impossible for me to leave you with just two pictures (especially since it's been ages since my last post!) here are snippets from our lives over the last few weeks:

//setting up christmas was the most eventful it's ever been around these parts. the kids wanted to help with everything...which was fine, until they broke two glass ornaments (by banging them together!) they were then allowed to play only with the little people nativity set, which they were happy to do! i find the nativity in a different set-up every day.

//max has had an obsession with puzzles for awhile now, but avery has just recently become totally intrigued as well! max has a tendency to want to do the entire puzzle for avery (or hover over her and tell her what to do...) but if they are both working on a puzzle at the same time, things usually play out pretty smoothly. 

//the kids "nephi grandma" (aka lynelle) gave them a rice krispie train set as an early christmas present. max could not stop talking about it but waited pretty patiently as we got everything ready. in the meantime, avery perfected her cheesy smile! i'd say she's got it down!! she also perfected the skill of eating frosting straight out of the tube...

//on cold winter days, max and ave love to raid their closet and try on whatever they can find:

//ave also has an obsession with any and all accessories. such a little girl!!! love her to pieces: 

//she loves her lift-the-flap books (we read a lot around here):

//the freezing cold weather hasn't deterred us (most days) from going on a short "walk around the block" as max likes to call it:

//and every morning when ave wakes up she likes to look out her window for the "bdeees!" she loves birds. and our neighbors have chickens so she thinks they are the coolest things ever.

can't believe christmas is in two weeks from today! hopefully i'll get around to blogging again before then :)


  1. Max's leg in that one picture!! bahahahaha!!! He is too cute.

    You guys are SO cute. So so so cute. Love your little family!

  2. Ave kills me with those glasses - she looks adorable wearing them!