Thursday, May 16, 2013


this last weekend i was able to jet off to oklahoma to celebrate with my brother & his sweet family. he graduated from the oklahoma university dental program; what an amazing accomplishment!

we took off friday afternoon (1:50 pm to be exact) and arrived in OKC at 5. We had to wait on the tarmac for 50 minutes before we could get off the plane, since there wasn't a terminal open for us (it got pretty heated in the airplane!) but other than that, it was a good flight (i was a little worried about the man sitting next to me, who was snoring with a toothpick in his mouth though! haha) my brother mike was waiting for us and when we got to their place, bekah had a delicious dinner waiting for us. my grandparents showed up after dinner and we had a great night chatting, and getting things ready for the fancy graduation party in the morning (the girls are obsessed with fancy nancy, so everything needs to be fancy :). ps. sorry in advance for all of the blurry pictures! i forgot my camera, so the ipod was the next best thing.

my mom and her little goodie bags! she's so cute.

saturday was the big day! we packed a picnic lunch, and took a tour of the campus where mike has spent the last four years. it was totally empty, but the grounds were gorgeous, and it was an even prettier day. 

i told them to smile big :)

there is his name plate! ...and some disgusting looking teeth! hah.

the vampire teeth were clearly a big hit!

awesome artwork in the dental building. this was one of the more normal pieces :)

the ceremony was at 2 in a chapel downtown. the highlight of the event? (besides mike getting his diploma, of course) when the entire class surprised the crowd (professors included) by doing the harlam shake. it was awesome. 

bagpipes are awesome. but sooo incredibly loud!

a very, very blurry picture of the graduate (on the far left)

there he is!

a glimpse at the harlem

after lots of pictures, we piled back into our cars and headed to norman, ok to check out the dental lodge, where mike will be starting his first official job as a dentist. pretty cool. it is such a beautiful building! the most eventful part of this visit? setting off the alarm to the building, and ten minutes later dealing with two cops :) wish we lived closer...maybe max would actually let mike fill his cavities! ;)

everybody loves uncle bri

and that night, after a long & busy day, gramps and grandma treated us all to p.f. changs. it was delicious!

my parents never eat out! i had to document such a momentous occasion!

deer caught in headlights!

it was an eventful two days! stay tuned for the last half of the trip.


  1. Ok. This just made me sooooo excited for Levi to finish in a year! Even though he won't officially be done yet. Thanks for posting! And soooo jealous you got to go completely kid free! How crazy! Looks like it was so fun!

  2. Jess...THANK YOU for being a family historian! Love this post. Great memories!