Tuesday, June 04, 2013

family day date

this past friday we had dentist appointments up in layton (max has six cavities! yikes!) so we stayed up there friday night and had a great night playing yatzee & trying yogotogo with aaron & missy. 

saturday morning we woke up super early (for us!) and headed to the provo library book sale. it was quite a zoo but we found 13 books for 13 dollars! such a steal. we also stopped at the farmers market in pioneer park and splurged on some beeswax chapstick, a headband & a bow tie. the kids ran around in the splash pad (with their clothes on!) and by the end of all that we were starving!

logically, we headed to guru's for some sweet potato fries!! besides the kids needing to use the bathroom every five minutes (i think they just liked running up and down the ramp...) we had a great time.

when we got home saturday night, we were pretty exhausted, but our car was in desperate need of a wash so we all got to work! 

these are the flowers max wanted to plant. i love them!

it was a slightly crazy day (just the way we roll) but it's always nice when we get to spend quality time as a family.

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