Thursday, August 01, 2013

especially for athletes

I just found this post sitting among my drafts (how does that happen?!) and thought I'd finally get it up!

About six months ago, Danny was asked by his friend Shad Martin if he would be interested in participating in "Especially for Athletes." (Think: EFY for those of all faiths, mostly boys (some girls were there to represent!), who are all in love with at least one sport.)

The mission of E4A is designed to: "...Inspire athletes and those with whom they associate, to maximize their athletic potential and to use their talents and social influence to assist and lift others. E4A is seeking to build a culture of athletes focused on changing lives through better use of the attention and influence they have access to."

And in Danny's words: "Athletes often gets bad reps (and sometimes it's deserved) but this program is meant to channel the spotlight and the talents that athletes have toward lifting and blessing teenagers around them."

He wishes he would have used his influence for the better during high school so he is totally supportive of this program. (Here is a good article that summarizes the program well.)

This specific event (in June) started on a Friday night and then we came back Saturday morning for a full day of speakers (my husband included!), games, and lunch. It was a great experience and we both are so glad that we were able to be apart of it.

(bottom two pictures found on the E4A Facebook page)

Highlights for me included: listening to Bob Kittell (So much energy!! Wish he could give me a pep talk every week!), cheering on my husband, and meeting some great people. My love and appreciation for sports went up 10x during the event.

Because E4A is all about motivating you to be your best ("Eyes up. Do the work!") I'll leave you with a motivational video (supposedly "The best one. Ever.") I really enjoyed it, and learned some surprising facts as well!

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  1. I heard about this event, and meant to ask you about it, so I'm glad to read this post!