Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the best cabbage pitas you'll ever taste.

growing up, i was a bring-my-own-lunch-to-school kind of girl. i usually detested what the school was serving (country fried steak being the all-time grossest thing known to my elementary school mind!) and i think i only ate school lunch when it was breakfast for lunch (except i wouldn't touch the sausage). i sound kind of snobbish writing that, but i guess i am. ha! my mom taught me to love real food and school lunch is usually farrr from that.

anyways! let's not get me started.

where i was originally going with that little tangent was this: i still remember whenever my mom packed cabbage pitas in my school lunch, she would pack extras for my bff (love you jenny!) and it would make her day (and mine!) probably because of that, and just because they are so yummy, i have very fond memories of cabbage pitas.

i don't post recipes very often, but here is one that you won't want to pass by. this is my mom's tried & true cabbage pita recipe and is so incredibly delicious you'll be stuffing your kids (or yourself!) full of cabbage in no time :) 

Step One: Chop up some cabbage 
(green or red work equally as well, though traditionally we stuck with green most of the time).

// love cabbage!! //

Step Two: Mix two parts plain yoghurt to one parts mayonnaise. (Does that make sense?) Depending on how much cabbage you have, try two heaping spoonfuls of yoghurt and one heaping spoonful of mayo. Adjust accordingly. You'll want all of the cabbage to be evenly coated.

Like so:

Step Three: Mix in 1 C. (give or take) sunflower seeds. The more the merrier! 

Step Four: Add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Start out with a little (1/4 tsp...or less!) and add more depending on how much heat you can handle. It gets spicy fast! 

Step Five: Fill deliciousness into a pita and dig in. (If you don't have to worry about gluten, I prefer the whole wheat pocket pitas, but this is all I could find at the store that day.) Ps. This is also really yummy eaten plain (if you have to eat gf like me!)

You can thank me later. :)

(My little helper in the kitchen caught a few "selfies" in the camera as well as some artsy pics :) Love her!!)


If you end up making these (you should!) let me know what you think!


  1. Thank you! I have a yummy cabbage salad recipe but always have leftover cabbage and never know what do do with it besides cook it and my fam doesn't love it like that. I will definitely try this!

  2. yahoo!!! I have been meaning to ask you for this recipe :) I am totally making it!

    Hope the family history conference is going well and that we can hang out soon!

  3. Drooling just reading this! Lucky for me I have two heads of cabbage in my fridge. Thanks for posting, lots of great memories over these ;).