Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the hogle zoo

when i went to the oklahoma zoo back in may, i told my kids all about it once i got home and they instantly wanted to go see "the baby monkey with one arm and the elephants."

sadly, i couldn't grant their wish exactly but i was finally able to take them to the hogle zoo a few weeks ago and they loved it! grandma debbie and cousin milo joined us and we had a fun, hot, and sweaty time:

we were so impressed with the new polar bear exhibit (and that entire new area of the zoo!) sadly, we never got to see the polar bear in the water, but he was moving all over the place on land!

for lunch, we sat in on what we thought was going to be a seal show (they were some of my favorites!) but to our disappointment, we only saw an african centipede (gross!), a turtle (who went to the bathroom during his debut), and a snake...oh well! it was shady and somewhat cooler :)

// max loves milo //

i didn't get a picture in time, but that brown bear below walked right up to max. if the glass wasn't there, he would have been touching his nose!! max thought it was the coolest thing ever.

// the lego exhibits all over the zoo were incredible! //

// we saw the elephant show which was 100x better than the previous show. elephants are amazing! //

and since the zoo is under going more major construction, we got a little lost looking for the lions (we never found them!) and ended up walking up to the very top of the zoo. lucky for us, that is where the lion drinking fountain was hiding! (almost as cool as a real lion, right?!) of course, we had to get some photos. 

// max was such a trooper to walk almost the entire time. the last 20 minutes, ave was kind enough to push him :) //

and last, but not least, the kids checked out the hands-on lego exhibit that they had set up. they didn't want to leave, but five minutes after we got in the car...they were out!

ps. i promise grandma debbie and i were both there! we just forgot to document it. next time...

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