Sunday, July 28, 2013

family history part 2

remember, wayyy back in the day when i wrote a blog post on family history?? 

well, even though it's been almost a year, i still feel just as passionate about family history work.

last month, i decided to jump on and almost instantly saw that some of danny's relatives were in need of temple work. not just any relatives: jessie mckinley (and her siblings) to be exact! (below is a screen shot of my facebook post the night i found their names)

 it was a pretty neat feeling to print off those names and i wanted to get to the temple as soon as possible. we made it a reality a week later, and words can't describe how incredible it was. i have never done family names before; i would highly suggest it!!

afterwards, we treated ourselves to my favorite restaurant: blue lemon! so so good. quite the perfect date if you ask me!

since that date, family history work has been at the front of my mind. so when my mom mentioned that she was attending byu's family history conference, i was all ears! however, the $180 price tag for admission left me a little discouraged. i asked danny what he thought i should do and this was his classic response: "maybe our ancestors will round up some money for you somehow!" :)

i did a little research and noticed on their website that financial aid was available. of course, by the time i looked it up, the submission date had passed. however, i gave them a call and the receptionist told me i could still turn in my application, but she wasn't sure how much they could guarantee, since most of the money had already been given out.

i printed off the application, filled it all out, and my mom helped me write a killer one page paper, explaining why it would be so beneficial for me to attend the conference. 

i dropped it off later that day, and expected to hear from them a few days later.


an hour after i dropped it off, i got a call! byu awarded me $150 towards the family history conference. i seriously could not wipe the smile off of my face. our ancestors came through!

the family history conference is this week and though i have absolutely no idea what to expect, i feel so very blessed to be able to attend and honestly believe that this is such an important work to be doing!

hopefully i'll have lots of info to share next week, but until is YOUR family history coming?!? (have you logged into family search?) i am by no means an expert, but would love to help in any way i can. if you have any specific questions, send them my way and maybe i'll find an answer at my conference!

the church is true!

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