Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the darndest things // part 3

Right now, this is the best form of documentation I've got for the little ones. Soon I'd like to put together individual scrapbooks/blogs books...but that time is not now :) Until then, these posts will suffice. (Except that I wrote down a bunch of things they had said, and now I can't find the paper! Oh well, this is what I've got for now.)


Oh, Max! Where do I begin?? You are filled with so much life! I can't imagine our family without you. You are constantly going, unless of course you get zoned in to some kind of activity (puzzles, coloring/cutting, and stories are your favorites). You are determined and dedicated, and you love your little sister like crazy. You know the words to more primary songs than you let off, and you can say some of the sweetest prayers ever. You've got a hot temper and can get really frustrated with Ave if she's "messing up" your things. You are a collector and would save every last paper if I let you. You are my little healthy eater and can still eat two plates of salad in one sitting (as long as you have plenty of dressing!) You've got an incredible memory and you are much more observant than any other kid I know. We love you Maxwellio!!

He prayed for weeks leading up to his (finally!) successful dentist appointment that he could get "A baseball, and baseball bat, and baseball "mint", and a baseball helmet, and soccer cleats, and a soccer uniform, and, and, and..." We couldn't grant all of his requests, but after getting SIX cavities filled, he was treated to a new soccer outfit, and baseball ball/mitt/bat. 

On our way down to St. George, Danny pointed out that the mountains were changing colors:
D: "Max! Do you see those mountains? What color are they?"
M: "Pink!"
D: "Yeah! Who made the mountains?"
M: "Jesus!! And he made us too!"
D: "You're right!"
M: "He built us and tons and tons of people on the Earth."


"Did that salad we grow??" (Talking about the spinach from our garden! We were all very pleased.)

"My mustachio dropped on the floor!" (He is obsessed with pistachios. Ask my parents!)

"I'm looking for the patterns. Where are the patterns for the table?" (After a few minutes, we realized he was trying to find the place mats! He knows how grandma likes her table set for dinner! :)

While on a walk, Max exclaimed: "Oh! It's an owl!!" (It was actually a gray kitten, which looked quite like an his defense!)

Max and Avery were looking through past blog books (which we love!!) and Max turned to Ave and said, "Do you remember that Ave?? Sweet pea?" #heartmelting

"Can I have a sticker?" (This was repeated over, and over, and over again.) Finally, I said, "We don't have any stickers." To which he replied, "No mom! A chocolate sticker!" (He was talking about snickers!)


Miss Avery! Our family is so much more complete with you in it. You are happy 90% of the time (except when you are arguing with Max) and you have such a sweet temperament. You are definitely a girl and you love your accessories. Almost everywhere we go, people comment on how mature you are for your age. You can talk just about as well as Max and you know some big words! (And you're potty trained!) You have always loved music and it makes me so happy to see your eyes light up when a beautiful song is played. You know the words to many primary songs and you love to sing them around the house. You are much messier than your older brother but I suppose the two of you balance each other out :) You love playing with your play kitchen and almost always make me "pancakes." You are Max's sidekick and we wouldn't have you any other way. We love you Avery Mae!!


"Don't you cry...I will keep you safe...Don't you cry." Ave singing in the car to Idaho

"Can I have more punch juice?" Ave to Grandma Nell (who always has juice on hand for Miss. Avery!)


"My back hurts. I need to take a little break." 
(After playing with Aunt Cami's littlest pet shops under the kitchen table.)


The two of you together are quite the team and it's rare to find you each doing separate things (unless Max is watching a movie. Avery isn't very fond of movies yet...)

//free slurpies in the park//

//cutting out our homemade fruit snacks...which sadly did not turn out//

//white trash at it's finest. sno cones on the front porch. topless. complete with large bellies!//

//enjoying the nephi pool//

//fun with uncle caleb//

//littlest pet shop under grandma's table//

Life is good.

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