Sunday, July 20, 2014

george family reunion 2014

Last month, right before Danny's comprehensive exams, we took off to Rexburg, ID for the George family reunion. It is always so wonderful to see my grandma & all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins (there are quite a few of us!) Of course, not everyone was able to make it, but it was great to see those who came. We stayed at my parents the night before to break up the drive a little bit & my mom went a little overboard with packing treats. Max & Avery didn't mind one bit! (I suppose we didn't either ;)

We drove up Friday afternoon & stopped in Shelley to see our good friends, the Roisums. They have three kids too & it was a party!! We stayed wayy too late playing games, talking, and eating treats but we only get to see them every so often so it was definitely time well spent!

The next morning the reunion began & it was a wonderful day. I'm convinced that my love for family history work has stemmed from my Grandma (she has always made an effort to gather the whole family & visit our ancestors in the cemeteries. It is such a special thing). We have some incredible ancestors (They all seemed to value good hard work. Makes me think maybe we need to raise our kids on a farm...) & since I love this kind of thing it was so neat to be reminded of the people who came before me. The best part was visiting my Grandpa's grave in Rigby, ID. I haven't been back since he passed away so that was neat. The kids did surprisingly well & I hope to always teach my kids the importance of honoring & remembering our ancestors!!


(This is just a small portion of the George family!)

Later that day we met at a nearby church & feasted on my uncle Lyle's vinegar chicken (It is amazing. Seriously.) along with a lot of other yummy things. We ended the night with skits, which we pretty hilarious. Danny was little red riding hood & Avery was something special :) The kids absolutely loved all of the attention & I'm so glad we were able to make it work.

The next morning we attended church & before heading out of town we stopped to walk around the temple. Rexburg has a special place in my heart & even though as a college student I vowed never to move back, we both agreed that if for some reason a job opportunity opened up for us there, we might even consider it ;)

Thanks again to all who were involved in the planning of the reunion & especially to the Bell's for letting us stay in their beautiful home!


  1. So fun! Reunions are the best. I'm curious, does Danny get summers off since seminary goes with the school year? If so, jealous!

    1. I wish! He is given quite a few vacation days to use during the summer months, but he is still expected to be in the office Mon-Fri. It's a great job though, and hours are much more flexible in the I can't complain! :)