Saturday, September 27, 2008

flip that dresser

so for the first two weeks of our marriage we didn't have a single thing to store our clothes in. we were basically living out of boxes and bags, and our cute little apartment was a MESS. about two weeks ago we were driving down university and saw this huge yard sale. i don't usually stop at those, but there was tons of furniture, so i had danny pull over. we looked over the dressers, and they were all super trashy but there was one that was the perfect size for what we needed. it was yellowish wood--the paint was peeling, and when you touched it you got a handful of splinters. but for some crazy reason, i thought it had potential. i figured if we sanded it down, got a different color stain and changed out the knobs it would look a million times better. so that's what we did. danny thought i was crazy, and when we took it to my parents to work on it, they thought i was crazy too!

but i showed them.

we borrowed my grandparents sander, got a beautiful stain at home depot, and some sweet knobs as well. we worked on it for a couple hours each day, and by the end of the week we got to bring home our new dresser. we had such a blast working on it together--and now danny wants to be a carpenter on the side. hah. turns out i wasn't crazy after all.