Friday, October 24, 2008

Disneyland Adventures

Lucky for us, Dad had a conference down in Anaheim, California. Since it has been well over five years since we've all been on a vacation together, we decided it was about time. Mom made a wonderful and detailed itinerary--and for the most part we stuck with it. While Dad was at his meetings, we were off playing in Disneyland and then he met up with us once they were over. We all got three day park hopper passes and it was such a blast!! Everyone was able to come except for Bekah and Laney (who we missed very much) but they were having fun with Bek's family. Though the drive down was a little bit was well worth it.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the WONDERFUL, magical time!

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And a few more pictures...

bugs life 3D movie

mikey and mariah

we stayed at castle inn & suites...which is right across the street from disneyland!
so we didn't have to worry about paying for parking.

cami and i excited for our first day!

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  1. Ah I am so jealous! I have been begging Peter to let me plan a trip... I don't think I'm anywhere close to a yes. Poop! :P