Tuesday, December 09, 2008


so this is danny, fyi this is my first blog post so it might be a little rough. you should have seen us trompin around the christmas tree lot looking at all the possibilities. there were some pretty sad looking trees out there; either it was too lopsided, or too short, or too fancy, or too expensive, or too fat (i sound like pongo from 101 dalmations). then we saw it, and it was a light from heaven and angels singing (kinda like chevy chase christmas vacation). anyways we were really excited to get a real christmas tree. as most of you probably know, our car isn't the biggest thing out there, but its got quite the trunk!

so we loaded it in and drove home, where we started preparations for Christmas. we got the big light bulbs for the tree, which is funny because me and my friends used to steal them off people's houses and put them under door mats and then ring the doorbell and run away... when they came out on the doorsteps to look for us they would step on the bulbs and they would pop really loud and we would laugh and run off! (sorry you married such a nerd jess) we bought blue ornaments, jessie was nice enough to go with my favorite color, and we got red snowflakes. apparently everything comes with glitter on it nowadays because there was so much glitter on our hands after decorating the tree. we made quite the memory getting our first Christmas tree together, and jessie's first ever real Christmas tree. we already have 6 presents under it, which isnt the true meaning of Christmas but its still fun to count!


  1. Jessie, I love reading your blog! And it was nice to talk quick yesterday...I can't wait to catch up soon! So, I changed my blog, it's now jessandstevezincke.blogspot.com
    Luv ya!

  2. Danny, Great job on your first post!! I love all the pics! You guys need to have a web session with us soon and let Ella chat with you. I could use someone else for her to talk to because she talks my ears off.

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  4. Hi Jessie and Danny--Haha your first post was awesome, Danny--I was laughing out loud. We all need to hang out again sometime. Merry Christmas!

  5. the tree looks good you guys! you picked a good one!

  6. your short hair is SO CUTE!

    1. we need to schedule a phone chat
    2. are you so excited for christmas!??
    3. Ryan and I will be in rexburg in 3 weeks....YIKES!
    4. but we will be only 4 hrs away from eachother!!!!!