Saturday, April 18, 2009

soccer games and power tumbling gyms

for those of you that know my incredible also probably know that he is incredibly accident-prone. {incredibly might even be an understatement} not only is he accident-prone, but he plays on the byu men's soccer team...not the most accident-free sport. last season, he had shoulder surgery, and about 3 sprained/broken ankles from various games. this season we were determined to have an accident-free year since this will be his last season playing with the team. he was doing SO well, and was starting in every game (they have had 3 official pre-season games so far).

april 10, his birthday, he started in their game against weber state. and 00:55 seconds into the game HE SCORED!! it was probably the coolest goal i've seen in a long time. the goalie did not see it coming at all! he was so excited--as were all of us in the stands. byu won 2-1 and i couldn't have been prouder of my boy.

our friends brittany, ryan, and kim sat by us during the game (which was so much fun) and afterwards, danny's mom treated us all to pf chang's for danny's birthday. oh it was so delicious.


april 11 came around.
danny and all of his friends had been planning for quite some time to go to the power tumbling gym in south provo. they were celebrating danny and braden's birthdays and danny was seriously so pumped. he was looking forward to it for days. i decided to stay home, since they hadn't been able to schedule the gym until 10:30 pm, {and i wasn't sure how the little bebe would like all that flipping and jumping around...} so caleb came to pick danny up and they were off. about 20 minutes after they left, i got a call from danny.
{this is how our conversation went down:}

me: hello??
danny: hi babe. how are you?
me: i'm good! how are you?
danny: good!
me: so...why are you calling me? you weren't supposed to be done until midnight. you didn't get hurt did you?
danny: {pause}...yeah.
me: oh no. how bad is it?
danny: pretty bad.
me: you feel ok?
danny: umm...i've been better. i think it might be broken.
me: i'm on my way.

turns out on his SECOND jump his ankle cracked underneath him and he was done for the night. poor guy. he had to leave his own birthday party early. we went to the E.R., but then decided against it to avoid the super hefty bills that come along with visiting that wonderful place. we decided to buy some ice and wrap it up with an ace bandange instead.

{it looked like he had a tennis ball where his ankle bone used to be}

{the following morning...major cankle}

he's doing much better now! the swelling has definitely gone down and he can walk on it (for the most part) but he won't be out on the soccer field for at least a few weeks.
good thing he made that goal!


  1. Yucky. K, Jessie, we seriously need some prego pics! :)

  2. Oh Jess! I gasped when I saw Danny's ankle. Painful!!! I'm impressed at how tough he is. His face looks normal in the picture! If it were me, there would be mascara streaming down my face, and my eyes would be red and huge from crying! haha! Danny's the man!

  3. That is a crazy story!

    I love PF Changs so much! I miss that place.

    Poor Danny! And it would be SO awesome if we could come down and see him play. Could Ryan and I get tickets if we aren't students?

  4. Oh my nasty ankle!! That's totally horrible!! I hope it's healing OK!!