Tuesday, April 28, 2009

birthday week

even though my birthday was over three weeks ago, it's still the month of april, so i can still blog about it...right?? my husband was SO sweet to me the whole entire day (even though we were super stressed with finals/work/everything else)--and we pretty much celebrated the entire weekend. thursday (the second) i woke up to breakfast in bed which was a big box of einstein's bagels (my favorite!) and a sweet note from him. i went to work, where all the kids were especially nice to me, and then i headed up to campus to go to class. on my way i received a phone call from danny--and he had his entire seminary class sing happy birthday to me. it was so cute when they all sung "happy birthday sister mckinley". i LOVE his kids. then about an hour later, i got about 25 text messages all at the same time. for his 7th period class he wrote my number up on the board and then told them to pull out their cell phones (they were all a little hesitant because they aren't ever supposed to have their cell phones out, and they thought it was some kind of object lesson) but once they found out it was my birthday, the texts came pouring in. once again, they are awesome! i had class at 3 and then that night, danny and i went out to red robin to get my free birthday burger! (if you're not already signed up--all you have to do is go here and you'll get all hooked up!) our order ended up getting lost, and our waitress felt super bad, so she gave us a free appetizer AND a free dessert! all we had to pay for was danny's burger. what a deal! it was super good and we had a wonderful time!

after dinner we headed to my parent's where we opened gifts and laughed and laughed. my family decided to get my maternity pants (along with a few other things) and it was hilarious. they were huge, so i had to exchange them, but everyone is excited for me to get BIG. (prego pictures to come soon...i promise!)

friday (the third) was a continuation of the birthday week and after we were done with work/classes, we headed up to draper to go to the brand new temple! they only do sessions every hour, and we got there 4 minutes before the session started, but luckily we made it in time! it was incredible and absolutely gorgeous, and was a wonderful way to start out conference weekend.

then, we treated ourselves to the melting pot. best. resteraunt. ever. but so so pricey. we figured since this was our last birthday without a baby we could splurge. so we did! we had a great night, and ate SOOO much. ohhh man, the dessert plate was heavenly.

friday night we stayed at danny's sister's house in salt lake and then saturday morning we woke up and attended the saturday morning session of conference. i LOVE conference. i am so grateful for the incredible men and women who do so much for this gospel and are so willing to share their testimonies! i need to be more like that. all of the sessions were great, but there is something so special about being in the actual building as conference takes place. the spirit is so strong. it's amazing.

all in all, my birthday was fantastic! danny's birthday was eight days after mine...we'll blog about that next!


  1. Those pants are out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness my booty isnt getting any bigger because all my jeans fit except my rubberbanded button! But oh well....

    We are off to NC for Stuart's wedding tonight. We are SO excited!

    Love you! Lets catch up soon!

  2. I love all the pictures! BTW, Ella keeps saying it is "My Jessie's Birthday next". I try to explain that you bithday was before Tom's and that Gramps and Grandma's are next but she is having NONE OF IT.