Wednesday, April 15, 2009

some moments are just so priceless

wow. where in the world has the time gone?? life has been somewhat INSANE over the past few weeks! i realized that i never wrote about how we broke the big news to our families, so i thought i'd share some pictures to explain! i saw the cutest family trees at desert book--but they were a little pricey--so danny and i decided to just copy the idea! it ended up being quite a bit more work than we had anticipated, but it was well worth it! first we had to get magnet boards (which we finally found at lowe's) and then we took them to my grandparents to cut in half with a hack saw. not easy. from there, we covered them with paper, i drew the trees, and we got pictures of everyone in our famililes to put on little magnets.

danny was so helpful during the whole project and helped with every step! who knew he had such a creative side to him?? here he is dilligently painting mod podge on top of each picture. what a great husband i have.

the sunday before st. patrick's day we had a big family dinner at my parents house, so we decided that would be a perfect time to tell them about the grandchild they have coming in september. danny and i were SO excited to finally be telling everyone our good news, so once we all sat down at the table, danny ran out to the car and grabbed the gift. (if you can't see in this picture, the little green square under our pictures says: baby mckinley due september 30) my mom was so surprised to get a gift for st. patty's day...but the look on everyone's face was priceless once they realized what was going on. my mom was almost in tears, bekah said she was going to cry--and once mariah heard her mom say that, mariah started screaming/bawling as well. i wish i had that moment on video. it was priceless. needless to say, the whole family was/is super excited and can't wait for grandbaby #3.

all of us (minus alli) after dinner

we told danny's family that following wednesday. (we were going to wait until we celebrated danny's mom's birthday on sunday...but it was just too far away.) they were ecstatic as well and can't wait for grandbaby #4 on the mckinley side. here is the magnet board we made for his parents.

after spending so much time on the magnet boards, we wished we had made one for ourselves! maybe someday soon we'll get around to it...


  1. Stop it Jessie. You are WAY TOO CUTE! I still need to call you. No worries though, it's my fault. You have pregnancy, school, work, etc. My excuses? Not half as good! Anyways, you are a doll and I'm mega excited for this kid to arrive!

  2. Also...I love your family and can't believe how big Cami is. I promise I wont comment on this post anymore!

  3. I was so excited for a blog update! You are super cute, that was a great idea! And yeah...I know you're way busy, but we need to chat more, I'm anxious to hear about everything!

  4. what a cute CUTE idea!! I love it! I want one!

  5. That is such a cute idea! Good work. I'm impressed that Danny contributed to the project as well. :) We're excited for you guys!