Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Baby Bear's Birthday

This is one husband's praising birthday story of his amazing, incredible wife and how she means the world to him. This is why April is the greatest month of all of em!
On April 2nd 1988 in a barn somewhere in kentucky was born the sweetest, prettiest, kindest, cuddliest baby in the history of sweet, pretty, kind, and cuddly babies! Jessica Lynn George was 4 weeks early - so while her mom was visiting her parents in some cowboy'd up town in the middle of nowhere (sorry to anybody that is actually from kentucky), and thinking she had a good month to go... her favorite daughter (sorry alli and cami) couldn't wait any longer. If you know my Jessie she isn't the patient type. Lucky for her, gramps was a doctor and delivered her no problem.
Ok, so i might be exaggerating a bit, just a bit. im fairly positive Jessie has never been on kentucky and half of us couldn't pinpoint it on a map (dang im sorry to all from kentucky! haha). So in reality Jess was born EXACTLY on her due date in provo utah, what an angel! Ever since i knew how to wish on and blow out candles i was wishing for that angel to be mine. WOW im still not sure how i got her! she is absolutely perfect!! i don't know what jessie's wish will be this year, but ihope that she always knows how she has made my dreams and wishes come true. I LOVE YOU BABY BEAR! now the secret nickname is out, oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. As much as I believe Gramps can do anything....I think delivering a baby is streching it. I agree with all the beautiful amazing woman comments though. I can't imaging how much prettier you look with the pregnancy glow. I am wondering which of those beautiful cakes Danny is making tonight! Happy Birthday!

  2. You really had me going there. I couldn't believe I had never heard that story. April fools on me. Happy Birthday Jess! You really are amazing and I'm glad you have found such a wonderful husband. Have a great day!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now we're legal! ;) Except you can't drink because you've got a baby, but let me tell you about the wild night I had the on my birthday. haha! Totally kidding...anyways, Danny is great, you are great, and your baby is great! I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

  4. happy Birthday Jessie!

    Love you!!

    PS we aren't going to NC for the summer. Things came up with APX we didn't like, so we aren't going!! Lets play!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Danny, I never would believe such a story, cuz we happen to have been in the hospital at the same time. Although we did not know it for 7 more years, we were born 12 hours apart at the same hospital. guys are great, have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!

  6. So.... can we see some pictures of your cute prego glow? Are you showing at all yet? I know its early, but you just never know with some people. :) I can't wait till you have a little belly!