Thursday, April 30, 2009

swine flu

all i have to say is...

don't try this at home!


  1. HA HA HA!!! I'm going to fall of my chair from laughing so hard!!

  2. hey chica- i need the address of your new place. i could probably figure it out on my own since i know where you live..... but i'm lazy, what can i say. my sista is throwing me a shower in june and i'd love for you to come!

    ps. i'm going to be out of town in maryland visiting my family the next two weeks and will miss seeing your lovely face at church :)

  3. Jessie this made me want to throw up!!! hahaha that is soo funny! I miss you and love you lots!! I have a blog now so we can blog together and share each others lives!! Congrats on the little baby on the way!! Hope things are going well for ya! Hope to hear from you soon! loove ya!

  4. SO FUNNY! All the stuff on your post below is so exciting! I wanna know what you're having! That'll be so exciting! So, last saturday, your brother and wife came in and i sold them some stuff...then I had to go to bath and body, and I saw Alli! Haha, I didn't know she works there! It was fun to see your fam. We still need to do something soon!