Friday, July 17, 2009

{fourth of july festivities}

i. love. the. fourth.

it is most definitely my favorite holiday. the hot air balloons. the parade. the warm, sunny weather. the fireworks. the delicious food. the patriotism. it doesn't get much better than that. and this year was no different.

i talked danny into starting our festivities early, so on july 3 we woke up super early and went to the balloon festival. he has never seen hot air balloons up close before, so we had a really good time. crazy to think that next year we'll have a little boy of our own to experience the balloons with all over again. we can't wait.

after the balloons had all launched, we went to the provo bakery and got some doughnuts fresh out of the oven {yum}. we didn't have class, so we decided to take advantage of our free day and spend a few hours at seven peaks. brittany and her little brother came with us too. it was super crowded, but we had a good time going on the slides, and being lazy in the lazy river.

we didn't end the day just yet...after seven peaks danny and i headed to the freedom festival down on center street and spent the rest of the night there. we had so much fun looking at all of the different vendors and the random things that they were trying to sell. our favorite part of the festival though, was the "scales and tails show." i'm not a fan of reptiles, at all, but the show the guy put on was so interesting and we learned so many cool things about snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, etc... {the best part was it was all FREE!} he even put a scorpion in his mouth. insane.

on the fourth we got up to go to the parade {danny had to leave a little early to pass out flyers for their big game that night against the outlaws} but we met up with the rest of my family and watched from our usual spot on university. i got to see my cute cousins from north carolina {ella and audrey} who are getting so big.

that afternoon we had a bbq at my grandma's with tons of delicious food {can you tell i talk about food a lot?} and then headed to the soccer game at 7:30. danny got to start, and he played basically the entire game! we had a HUGE turnout {tons of my family were able to come} and it was a fun game to watch. afterwards we watched the stadium fireworks, and then, to avoid traffic, we walked home! {one of the many benefits of living so close to campus} my friend kim, and her sister jen are pregnant as well, so we thought we'd get a group shot since we are all at different stages in our pregnancies.

another fourth of july has come and gone. but, what a great holiday it is!

god bless america


  1. I love your blog.

    Thanks for posting some fun pics!! They are adorable. I too, LOVe the 4th. Too bad I got sooo sun burnt I am still pealing from it and it's been over 2 weeks....good grief!!

    Anyways, I love you! Mrs. 29 weeks along! You look so good!

  2. The lizard man!!! Josh and I really should of made our way over to him...

    p.s. you are great.