Monday, July 20, 2009

{byu vs. lancaster rattlers}

saturday was quite the night for us here in provo, utah. danny played in his very last byu soccer game...and he was AMAZING. he was part of the starting line up and played for the entire first half and ten minutes into the second. byu played the lancaster rattlers, and it was quite the intense {dirty} game. we tied 3-3.

before the game started, they honored all of the seniors {the wives got to walk across the field with them}. it was a neat experience for both of us. danny has made SO many wonderful friends--all of the guys on the team are awesome. his coaches are great, and we have both learned so much from the time spent working with the team. though many injuries were endured on danny's part, i think it has brought us closer together as a couple. but, we are both glad that his ankles will now have a chance to finally heal.

danny had quite the fan club there--we are so blessed to have family so close. his mom made signs for everyone to hold up while we walked across the field, and i made a poster which we taped onto the fence surrounding the field.

thanks to everyone who came for the support, cheers, and fun times that we had during all the many, many soccer games.

now we get to look forward to our own son tearing it up on the field!


  1. You two are adorable and your belly is SO full of baby! Congratulations to Danny. I bet it was bitter, sweet but now it's time for the parenting adventures! :)

  2. Your sign looks great, Jess! Thank you, Danny and McKinleys, for allowing us the opportunity to experience BYU soccer--up-close and personal. We love you guys.