Friday, July 17, 2009

{lindsey + jordan bush}

you know when you hear about those girls who send off a missionary?? most of us think, "good luck! you'll be married in less than a year to a new guy who has swept you off your feet!" well, this is exactly what i thought when lindsey sent jordan off in october of 2006.

we were roomies at byu-idaho at the time and we all gave her a hard time. {making fun of the paper chain she made--counting down the days until he came home, writing him faithfully every week, etc...} but after the first year, she was still going strong, convinced that they were going to get married and have a beautiful summer reception in his backyard. turns out her dreams came true. jordan got home from his mission in illinois in october of 2008, and june 27, 2009 they were married in the rexburg, idaho temple.

since kierstin and i made it into rexburg at about 2:30 friday morning, i was able to get a little bit of sleep, and then get ready for the sealing at 11. i'm SO glad i was able to make it. lindsey and jordan were both beaming--they are perfect for each other. they had lots of family and friends there to support, and linds looked absolutely beautiful.

the reception that night was in jordan's backyard, just as linds had envisioned it. and it couldn't have been more perfect. the weather was beautiful, the music was great, and the food was delicious! {i probably ate way too many goodies, but the carmel/chocolate dipped pretzels that they had were just too yummy} i was able to see so many of my old room mates {jannette, katelyn, kelsey, jill} and we had such a great time!

congrats linds and jordan! we couldn't be happier for you two.

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