Friday, July 17, 2009

{california soccer trip}

right after summer semester started, the byu men's soccer team took a trip down to california, and i was lucky enough to go with them! thursday, june 25 we flew into the huntington beach airport bright and early and then went with the team to i-hop for breakfast. around 11 a.m. we checked into embassy suites and we all crashed for a couple hours. later that night we all hung out at the mall {which was less than a block from our hotel} and got ready for the big game that night against the southern california seahorses. they tied 3-3 but it was fun being able to watch the guys do what they do best. i had fun watching the game with the girls {kim christenson, sarah bindrup, and danny's mom}. that night dinner was served in the hotel lobby, and afterwards we dipped our feet in the hot tub and relaxed...gotta love being on vacation.

friday the guys didn't have a game to play so we had a free day at the beach! we piled into five vans and drove down to newport beach where we spent the day soaking in the sun, playing in the sand, eating delicious gelato, and having a grand old time. i love the beach. danny and i haven't been since last summer, so it was definitely good to be back.

since i'm pregnant...and losing my brain, when i planned this trip i TOTALLY forgot about my best friend, lindsey hobbs' wedding on june 27 up in rexburg, idaho. about a week before we left for the trip i realized the huge mistake i made and ended up switching my flight. SO to make a long story short, after we spent the day at the beach, danny's parents drove me back to the huntington beach airport and i flew out of sunny california around 7 p.m. and arrived in slc at 10. my awesome friend kierstin picked me up, and from there we made the long trek to rexburg. whew. it was quite the day.

i was so glad i was able to go to california for a couple days though. since this is danny's last year on the team, it has been fun for me to go to all of his games and cheer him on.

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