Thursday, July 09, 2009

{quick little update}

1. as of yesterday i am 28 weeks along! i still can't believe it. our little boy has been kicking/moving/doing somersaults's the craziest feeling in the world. i try to describe to danny what it feels like from the inside, but i can never seem to do it justice.

2. we are still homeless. {kim and clay have been SUPER nice to let us take over their upstairs apartment with them} but all of our stuff is still in boxes in their garage and several rooms...
3. yesterday, the dry wall guys came and fixed the gaping holes in our kitchen ceiling, and they are going to re-paint all of the places that got damaged! hooray! we are so glad we don't have to do that all over again. plus, we are getting new carpet throughout the entire basement {yay!} and that is going in either friday or monday. then we will have a home!!
4. i promise to put pictures up on here. soon. i just need to find my camera/camera cord in the many, many boxes we have lying around. i can't guarantee it will be any time soon.
5. life is good.


  1. Life IS good!

    Ryan finally felt the baby kick big time last night. We both looked at each other and said "Did you feel that?" I'm like...I feel allllll her kicks...Did You feel that? hahaha He is so funny. He now believes there is actually a human/alien inside my belly!

    PS, are your boobs leaking at all?

    And I'm way sad your homeless! No fun at all!!!

  2. i cant believe how crazy your life has been lately! hopefully you guys can get settled before the baby decides to come!