Monday, August 03, 2009

{first hair cut}



technically, i never got a official "after" picture, because when the above picture was taken the haircut was only half done. the clippers unexpectedly died in the middle of the cut {and danny had to be to work...} so he went to work looking somewhat like a bald man. {not my fault}. anyways, it was my first hair cut ever, and i must admit, it wasn't bad at all! i may even consider joining my little sister at hair school this september. haha. my husband is pretty brave, and it's almost time to pull out the clippers again! {great way to save some $$$}

after we got all cleaned up from the haircut, we made french toast and used the gift that danny's mom got him for finishing up his soccer season: a sandwich cutter {in the shape of a dino}. one pretty awesome device.


  1. Ha Ha!! I love the dino french toast. You guys are awesome!

    (When Dennis and I were first married, we had an Enrichment where one of the girls in the ward taught us all how to cut hair. The next day all the men in the ward came to church with varying degrees of bad haircuts. It was so HILARIOUS!! You did much better than any of us!!)

  2. Way to go :) I've been cutting Petes hair since we've been married and its saved us alot! The first one was a little interesting too! You look so good by the way! What a cutie you are! Time flies by so fast you're gonna have your little guy here so soon! I can't believe how quick its going. I was gonna ask, what kind of crib did you guys get? We're starting to look around and I was just wondering if you have any that you liked while you guys looked.... let me know :)