Monday, August 03, 2009

{the 24th}

has this summer FLOWN by to anyone else??? seriously, this little boy of ours is going to be here before we know it! i've been crazy busy with school but wanted to get caught up with our festivities from the 24th of july. here is how we spent our lovely day:

{taste of the valley}

to sum it up: a pregnant girl's paradise.

but really, it was great. 24 vendors came and set up camp around the provo courthouse {including provo college of massage therapy}. after buying a punch card for $10, you got to go around and sample TONS of delicious food {and get awesome free pens}. we dined on p.f. chang's lettuce wraps, gloria's little italy's delicious pasta and dessert, c.p.k., pizzeria 712, einstein bagels, costa vida, tucano's...just to name a few. our awesome friends emily and elliot joined us {also the one's who introduced us to this} and we had a great time. we highly recommend it to anyone who will be in utah valley next july 24th {we will be there for sure!}

after spending a few hours enjoying the sunshine, food, and company we went home and relaxed. that night we met back up at a park in orem for a bbq with a bunch of our friends. we ate, {i promise my life doesn't revole entirely around food} played croquet, and watched the boy's light each other on fire...literally. boys are crazy. it was a great night, though. we deserved it too, because the next day we spent ALL day on campus. gotta love taking summer classes.

thank goodness for the holidays...even the less celebrated ones {such as pioneer day}.

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  1. are the most beautiful pregnant woman out there.