Saturday, September 05, 2009

{friday night date}

so i have this goal to write a blog post every day until little max is born.


it is now 11:08 p.m. and i haven't written anything yet. dang. i'll keep it short and sweet because i am one tired pregnant girl {and i don't even have any sweet pictures to put up from our outing yesterday evening...} but last night we got together with our awesome friends caleb & lauren and emily & elliot. we met up at the olive garden at 8:30 and took advantage of the all-you-can-eat pasta/breadsticks/salad that they have going on right now. little did we know our waiter was going to be the sloooowest waiter ever {and that he would spill my drink ALL over the table/floor} so we didn't walk out until about 10:30. but the food was good and it was fun talking and laughing with our friends.

then we went to caleb and lauren's for some ticket to ride!! i have this winning streak whenever we play with them, but last night lauren and i tied fair and square. {i still have yet to lose...}

life is pretty darn good though. and, if this baby comes when the doctor's say he will, we've only got 25 more days to go!!

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  1. #1 25 daysssssssssssssssss??? What!

    #2 I absolutely LOVE love LOVE Ticket to Ride but when I play....I'm in a constant losing streak! hahaha I just haven't played enough I think.

    #3 we need to talk this week because I went into the DR today and they are worried that my blood pressure is high and they semi diagnosed me with preclamsea....yikes. But the baby is great. I am going in this week to my DR to see what we can do to keep my blood pressure undercontrol. Freaky, but I got a priesthood blessing from Ryan and Stu so one can only trust in Heavenly Father!!