Sunday, September 06, 2009

you're = your...psych!

ok, let me preface this by saying that idon't even pretend to be a grammar whiz. idont even capitalize my i's or put spaces between them and other words. but there are a couple things that mainly my friend caleb perkins does that are grammatically incorrect that bug me; and so many other people make these same mistakes that idecided to write a blog about it. ps this is danny.

1) you're = your...psych! it doesn't. you're is a conjunction (shout out to school house rock!) for 'you' and 'are' and it does not imply possession of something.

2) to = too...psych again! it doesn't. idon't even know where to start with this one. ex: a friend says he is attending a certain party and you say: we are going TO the party TOO. notice the difference? ex: my wife says she loves me even after imake this ridiculous blog post, and i say: ilove you TOO. iguess icould have said ilove you TOO much to say, but icouldn't have said ilove you TO much to express.

3) are = get the point!

4) its = it's...nope! this one doesn't follow the norm. "it's" does NOT show possession and is just a conjunction of "it" and "is." "its" shows possession. listen to my first example: it's too late to go play ticket to ride (notice i'm saying IT IS too late...). if you're talking about your dog's bone you couldn't say: where is it's bone? (you are really saying where is IT IS bone?) weird huh? "where is its bone?" is the correct answer.

this blog is to tell caleb istill love him and we still want to be invited to ticket to ride night! the blog-off has begun a long time ago my friend, where is your response?

and here are a few pics just to keep jenny entertained since she doesn't read my posts because they are too long, sorry jenny.

grandma with her son and his son

mama and daddio, aren't they hot?!
me and greg trying to surf!


  1. Danny- you make a great point. I too (see, I get your post), have a problem with people not spelling things correctly and not using the correct tenses. Definitely is one common mistake to most by spelling it definitaly. Annoying.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha Danny I actually read this entire post, I didn't know you were the grammar/spelling police! Really though, those things bother me TOO, and I appreciate your effort to educate the blogosphere.

  3. Seriously, the your vs. you're thing has always bugged me like crazy!

  4. Danny does it again with another funny post. The your/you're thing drives me insane and I judge people who continually make that mistake. I'm glad someone understands my pain. :)

  5. Danny Danny Danny...... How can you judge with that mote in your eye? I still want to find out where the tie to me came from? And for anyone that wants to hear the retaliation and an even funnier blog, you can visit my wife's. P.S. I am very confused by you Danny and we are still fighting. LOVE YOU JESSIE AND HYRUM... sorry JOESEPH... crap what was that um? oh yeah UNBORN MAX. YOUR THE BEST FRIEND'S BABY I HAVE EVER KNOWN.(if there are any errors you can let me know!)